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Why Invest in DNH & DD

There are innumerable advantages for setting up and running business in U.T. of DNH & DD in comparison to other states:
  • Lean, efficient and industry friendly administration.
  • Excellent infrastructure and public facilities.
  • Allotment of industry clearances and licenses through open house.
  • Centrally located in between the vast industrial region of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • Lowest Power Tariffs among neighbouring states.
  • Availability of skilled and semi‐skilled manpower through Polytechnics, ITIs and Colleges in both districts.
  • Sturdy Infrastructure in terms of roads, public facilities and amenities.
  • Nearby Coastline, Ports facilities and Inland Container Depot.
  • No Entry gate for Industrial permission for MSME or Large Scale Unit‐Direct simultaneous application can be done.
  • Investment Promotion Council‐Cell for Investors for before & after care.
  • All permission granting Authority within 3 km of radius.
  • Deemed Approval in case of delayed approval from the Authority.